coming to an end

so I’m officially on my last week in budapest. back home to victoria on monday the 2nd. but that still leaves me with time to complete another pair of shoes! Not enough time for welted, but a handmade cemented shoe is still handmade, and practice is always good.
Before we get to that, here’s some pictures of all the final steps, and finished pics of my first pair. I’m happy with the pattern and design, but there’s plenty of room to improve. Marcell would agree, probably using ‘different’ words though 😆

continuing stitching through the channel

now that we’re done stitching the welt, here we are:



so beautiful

so lets move onto the heel. We’ll start by pegging it with wooden pegs, rasp down the excess, then take a snack break:



warning: not toothpaste

then we throw this thing on the heel and start building it up. peg, rasp, glue, repeat.


I guess you could use the toothpaste ketchup on these pearly whites...



so now we have most of the heel done!


talk about old school...

which gives us a smooth sexy heel!


then we dye it, and spill dye if necessary, then polish everything up!


dye the sole!


then we do a few finishing steps and, well…here we are. I did a piss-poor job of dyeing the welt, but maybe I can fix that later.



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