busy bee

so it’s definitely been a busy week. next week is going to be even busier, but that’s another story for another day.
so I’ve got quite a bit done this week, as you can see…

done attaching the welt to the insole

done attaching the welt to the insole

and some more work on the high-heels…


and back to the derbys…I started building the heel. Hammer the rand into the right shape and peg it.


stick some cork up in the soles, put in the metal shank for support, and then cover it up


wait what’s this? a new knife? yeh. I even managed to pull a hair out and cut it in half with one quick slash. so sharp.


and what better way to put it to use than cutting through some of the thickest leather I’ve seen. It’s for the soles btw.



and the best thing to do with soles (other than walking on them) is stitching them to the welt. But first we have to mark the welt so we know where to stitch, ya?


2 welts, 2 times the fun!

2 welts, 2 times the fun!

Needle goes through the mark on the welt, and into and then out of the stitching channel in the sole, seen here:


which leaves me with this an hour later:



And that’s all for today. Another update tomorrow, I promise!


3 Responses to “busy bee”

  1. robert Says:

    dude i am loving this blog. what a great thing to do. please keep update
    ps.. came here from styleforum- whats the tweed coat you are wearing in the pic?

    • andrewdiba Says:

      hey, glad you like it! the coat is a wool coat by Brown Sound from a few years ago. Nothing special quality wise but I liked the design too much to pass it up

  2. Mina Says:

    Andrew, those red heels are MINE. *claims*

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