part 2: first things first.

sorry for the lack of updates, I forgot my camera cable at home but no worries, I found a solution. I’ll update each day separately.

So, first day. Get to the airport at 7:30. Touch down at Ferihegy Airport in Budapest at 12:30 the next day. Cabbed to the hostel, most notably passing a burger king on the way. I guess in some ways you really can’t escape north america.

The hostel is a clean place and the owners are very nice and helpful. Also a 25 minute walk from the workshop, which is always a nice kick in the ass to get things off to a good start in the mornings, which at this point, are quite beautiful. Budapest weather is great!

my crib

my crib

it’s a 4-person room, but most of the time there’s nobody else staying so I get the room all to myself hehe


And for anybody who’s traveled a great distance, you’ll know how nice it feels to put your head down after and take a nice warm nap. Preferably with a girl next to you, but alas I’m stuck with my bag instead. It’s pretty soft so it’ll have to do. Unfortunately I didn’t wait until nighttime. 2pm seemed reasonable (at the time), but waking up at midnight and staying up all night…not so fun.

Tomorrow = the day before work starts!


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